S mart In-line 3D Surface Sensors

Roughness, form and orientation: automatic in-line measurement.
  • The system: sensor for optical 3D measurement in production
    S mart is an optical 3D measurement tool for automatic surface measurement in production. The measurement sensor is integrated directly into a production line. This device combines the features of a surface measurement device and coordinate measurement technology. Users measure roughness, form and orientation automated with only one system. Even large measurement areas are measured in high resolution and high speed.
  • The function: roughness, form and orientation measurement in a production line
    S mart is integrated into production according to requirements and applications. Large vertical scan ranges allow measurements of various component geometries. High measurement speed and results in a high vertical resolution enable the verification of dimensional accuracy, form tolerances and form deviations. Users benefit from longer durabilities under higher reproducibility. By defining parameters and reference levels, measures for optimizing production processes are being implemented efficiently.

The benefits: automatic measurement, even of complex forms

S mart measures geometries with flanks of up to 86°. Even surfaces with different materials and varying reflective properties achieve high resolution results. Every measurement is provided with color information registered to the 3D data. The easy to use automation of measurement tasks increases process reliability. The IF-sensor provides traceable and repeatable measurements irrespective of production conditions such as ambient light and temperature fluctuations.

The applications: quality assurance from micro machined components to turbine blades

S mart is used for optical measurement of microstructured geometries in production. Applications range from micro components to turbine blades. All kinds of sizes, forms and materials are measured. Applications are the same as those of the standard measurement system InfiniteFocus: cutting edge measurement in tool industry, micro precision, medical technology, material science and paper and print industry. Micro injection molding and microelectronics are also traditional markets.

The technology: Focus-Variation for areal based 3D measurement

S mart is based on Focus-Variation. The optical technology delivers a measurement density of more than 100 mil measurement points which enables form and roughness measurement of even large measurement areas and volumes. As an area based technology, Focus-Variation is already included in the most recent EN ISO standard 25178. With each measurement, users automatically receive data for evaluating the measurement uncertainty.