LSA200 Contact Angle Surface Analyzer 

for automatic of Contact Angle, Surface Tension and Surface Free Energy

LSA200 is the measuring device for the fully automatic, time-saving analysis of the wettability of solid surfaces and the determination of the surface free energy of solids.  LSA200 offer precision and reliability for their field of application and can be modifi ed by a wide range of accessories accordingto customer requirements.

Main Features :

|| Flexible automation with automatic x/y/z axes for the sample stage

|| Different lenses and cameras for every possible application

|| Optional revolutionary features such as the double view module for simultaneous top and side view and measurements on a single drop

|| Extremely versatile software package Surface.Meter included


|| Drop volume tensiometer module for surface/interfacial tension measurement based on drop volume determination

|| CMC module for fully automatic determination of both equilibrium and dynamic critical micelle concentration(CMC) of surfactants based on pendant drop method

|| Surface/interfacial rheology module based on Oscillating/Expanding Drop (OED) method

|| Fully automatic processs IFT monitoring system

|| Top-View drop analysis module, for determination of contact angle based on Top-View method, or with both Top-View and Side-View methods simultaneously

|| Full set of syringe & needle options are available

|| Automatic Tilting Stage:0 – 360° for studying advanced/receding contact angle, sliding/roll-off angle, sliding speed etc.

|| Rotating Force Balance (RFB) for studying retention force uo to 40g

|| Module for working with powder/porous samples: wettability, adsorption and contact angle measurement of powder/porous samples

|| Lamella/liquid bridge module for determination of IFT and contact angles for filaments and sheet samples

|| Environment/temperature chambers of various temperature ranges 

The modular solution: LSA200 Surface Analyzer System – flexible and upgradable

|| Optional with up to three dosing units and therefore ideal for surface energy determination

|| Wide range of drop calculation methods for the contact angle, supplemented by the unique TrueDrop method

|| Powerful surface tension measurement makes mechanical tensiometers obsolete
|| Automatic concentration variation and measurement

|| Signifi cantly larger concentration range than mechanical tensiometers due to variable sample container

|| Determination of CMC depending on surface age (dynamic CMC)

|| First instrument which off ers concentration-dependent interfacial tension measurements

|| Integrated drop volume method

Technical data:

|| Lens: 6.5× zoom lens; Field of view:2.0×1.3mm…17.5×11mm; Optical distortion:0.05%; Monochrome LED backlit; Image brightness adjustable via software

|| Image processing system: USB3 camara LCA-2; Max. resolution:1920×1200px, Max. camera speed 3300fps

|| Focus:12 mm fine focus; 100mm super-precise focus adjustment platform, with built-in dust protection cover; Focus assistant support

|| Max. sample dimensions: ∞×350×26 mm (L×W×H)

|| Sample table deimensions: 100×100 mm (L×W)

|| Sample stage rotation: Optional available; Automatic Tilting Stage (ATS): 0 – 360°

|| Travel distance of sample table in X/Y/Z direction: X100mmwith built-in dust protection cover; Y: 100mm, with built-in dust protection cover; Z: 50mm; Optional motorized

|| Measuring range for contact angles: 0 to 180°; Resolution: 0.01°; Precision: 0.1°

|| Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions: 0.001…2000 mN/m; Resolution: ±0.001 mN/m or 0.01%; Precision: 0.1%

|| Max. sample weight: 15kg (self-locking without champing)

|| Dispensing unit: X/Y/Z-3-axial precision control

  Positioning: Ranges:85/76/60 mm (X/Y/Z)

|| Dimensions (L×W×H): 650×190×543 mm

|| System weight: ca. 22kg

|| Power supply: 100/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz