LSA200 Contact Angle Surface Analyzer

LSA200 is the measuring device for the fully automatic, time-saving analysis of the wettability of solid surfaces and the determination of the surface free energy of solids. Due to the motorized sample table, measuring procedures can be automated easily and thus the surface properties of objects, e.g. large area wafers, can be analysed at the push of a button. 

Main Features :

Flexible automation with automatic x/y/z axes for the sample stage

Different lenses and cameras for every possible application

Optional revolutionary features such as the double view module for

simultaneous top and side view and measurements on a single drop

Extremely versatile software package Surface.Meter included

Automatic concentration variation and measurement

Significantly larger concentration range than mechanical tensiometers due to variable sample container

Determination of CMC depending on surface age (dynamic CMC)

First instrument which offers concentration-dependent interfacial tension measurements

Integrated drop volume method



Wettability and liquid-solid interactions

Cleaning and coating

Self-cleaning and spraying

Work of adhesion

Printing and absorption

Measuring surface and interfacial tension

Characterization of surfactants

Interfacial tension of transformer oils

Determination of critical micelle concentration

Dynamic surface tension of polymer melts

Measurements under extreme conditions

Flexible adaptation to all applications



Technical data:

Max. sample dimensions (L x W x H): 220 x ∞ x 70 mm³

Sample table dimensions (L x W):100 x 100 mm²

Traversing range and speed of sample table in X-Y direction (horizontal):100 x 105 mm²;75 nm/s ... 20 mm/s

Traversing range and speed of sample table in Z direction (vertical):50 mm; 75 nm/s ... 25 mm/s

electronic positioning resolution in X/Y/Z direction:± 39 nm

Measuring range for contact angles: 0...180°; ± 0.1° measuring precision of the video system

Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions:1•10-2... 2•103 mN/m; resolution: min. ± 0.01 mN/m

Max. sample weight: 10.0 kg

Optics and image processing system: LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation;USB 3.0 camera, max. resolution 2048 x 1088 pixel, max. frame rate 1220 frames/s; 7-fold zoom lens with software controlled, motorized focus (± 4.5 mm) and adjustment of the observation angle (-9°...+2°2‘); working distance: 114.0 mm; Field of view: 2.88 x 1.53...20.11 x 10.68 mm²;optical distortion: < 0.05 %

Max. total magnification:PL-Makro 2.0x: 0.56...3.9-fold 

Dimensions (L x B x H):680 x 310 x 370 mm³

Weight: 22 kg 

Power supply:100...240 V AC; 50...60 Hz; 70 W