LSA.MOB-M LAUDA Mobile Contact Angle Surface Analyzer 

LSA.MOB-MO is mobile measuring instrument with innovative top view technology. Suitable for measurements on surfaces with complex topography and onsite inspections

Main Features:

Highest precision for any contact angle range due to Young-Laplace fit of the drop. Suitable for all drop sizes and liquids

No limits for sample size

Surface mapping of the wetting properties with high spatial resolution down to 5mm

Optional robot systems and automatic sample stages

Optional automatic dosing system for measurements both on horizontal and vertical surfaces 

Technical data:

1. Constant volume (area) mode: 0 ... 600 μm axis-symetric drop shape oscillations
2. Harmonic volume (area) mode: 0 ... 20 μl
3. Relaxational mode (expanding drop method): 0 ... 20 μl
4. Programmable wave forms: sinusoidal wave (for drop oscillations)
step function (for drop relaxations)
saw tooth
arbitrary wave
5. Viscosity range: up to 50 mPas
6. Dynamic interfacial tension measuring range:  0.01 ... 2000 mN/m
7. Frequency range: 0 ... 25 Hz
8. Dimensions (L x W x H): ODG 20 Actuator: 210 x 140 x 240 mm
ODG 20 Amplifier: 350 x 360 x 150 mm
9. Weight: ODG 20 Actuator: 2 kg
ODG 20 Amplifier: 8.7 kg
10. Power supply: 100...240 VAC; 50...60 Hz; 350 VA