S neox Non-contact 3D Surface Profiler

Surface metrology and form measurement in only one system.

The system: measuring form and roughness

  • S neox is an optical 3D micro coordinate system for form and roughness measurement. Measurements achieve a vertical resolution of up to 10nm. This system also operates on large measurement areas and volumes. Its results are traceable and ensure repeatable accuracy. Users benefit from these features, those of a coordinate measurement system and those of a surface measurement instrument.

The benefits: measurement of steep flanks and small radii

  • Even steep flanks of 85° are measured with highest vertical resolution. InfiniteFocus also obtains high-resolution measurement results when it comes to surfaces of various textures. This also applies to components with small radii and angles. In addition every measurement is provided with color information registered to the 3D data. The optional 360°measurement enables a full form measurement.

The applications: from tool measurement to 3D measurement of micro machined components and turbine blades

InfiniteFocus is used for cutting edge measurement of drills, milling cutters and other tap tools. Other applications are micro precision, medical technology, material science and the paper and print industry. It is also often used for quality assurance applications such as micro diecasting, forensics and micro electronics

The technology: Focus-Variation for areal based 3D measurement

InfiniteFocus is based on Focus-Variation. The optical technology delivers a measurement density of more than 100 mil measurement points which enables form and roughness measurement of even large measurement areas and volumes. As an area based technology, Focus-Variation is already included in the most recent EN ISO standard 25178. With each measurement, users automatically receive data for evaluating the measurement uncertainty.


The additional bonus: No wear, no maintenance costs and provable accuracy

InfiniteFocus is a 3D measurement system without wear, nor maintenance costs. Automation options make the 3D micro coordinate measurement machine a user friendly measurement device with provable accuracy. A number of measurement standards prove the accuracy of the optical roughness and form measurements.