Optical Tensiometers LSA100

for automatic measurement of Contact Angle, Surface Tension and Surface Free Energy

The LSA100 is the all-purpose measuring device for contact angle measurements and the drop shape analysis. With LSA100 you will fi nd the perfect solution for all applications, from quality inspection or a high-end research. All LAUDA Scientifi c devices off er precision and reliability for their fi eld of application and can be modifi ed by a wide range of accessories according to customer requirements.

Main features:

|| Ideal for both research & development and quality inspection

|| Accurate pendant drop method with full support for determination of the critical micelle concentration (CMC)

|| Extremely versatile software package Surface.Meter included

|| Expandable and customizable with a wide range of dosing systems, sample stages and accessories


|| Drop volume tensiometer module for surface/interfacial tension measurement based on drop volume determination

|| CMC module for fully automatic determination of both equilibrium and dynamic critical micelle concentration(CMC) of surfactants based on pendant drop method

|| Surface/interfacial rheology module based on Oscillating/Expanding Drop (OED) method

|| Fully automatic processs IFT monitoring system

|| Top-View drop analysis module, for determination of contact angle based on Top-View method, or with both Top-View and Side-View methods simultaneously

|| Full set of syringe & needle options are available

|| Automatic Tilting Stage:0 – 360° for studying advanced/receding contact angle, sliding/roll-off angle, sliding speed etc.

|| Rotating Force Balance (RFB) for studying retention force uo to 40g

|| Module for working with powder/porous samples: wettability, adsorption and contact angle measurement of powder/porous samples

|| Lamella/liquid bridge module for determination of IFT and contact angles for filaments and sheet samples

|| Environment/temperature chambers of various temperature ranges 

The modular solution: LSA100 Surface Analyzer System – flexible and upgradable

|| Wide range of drop calculation methods for the contact angle, also including the unique TrueDrop method

|| Powerful surface tension measurement

|| Full support of automatic interfacial tension and CMC measurements

|| Depending on model up to two diff erent dosing systems integrated

|| Optional non-contact dosing systems and numerous other modules and accessories

|| Accurate and fast measurements due to sophisticated algorithms

|| Fully automatic measurement with automatic dosing system

|| Combination of pendant drop analysis and the drop volume method

|| for most precise results even with dynamic measurements

|| Optional temperature chambers for controlled environment

|| Expandable to contact angle measuring instrument

|| Integrated drop-volume method

Technical data:

|| Lens: 6.5× zoom lens; Field of view:2.0×1.3mm…17.5×11mm; Optical distortion:0.05%; Monochrome LED backlit; Image brightness adjustable via software

|| Image processing system: USB3 camara LCA-1; Max. resolution:1920×1200px, Max. camera speed 3300fps

|| Focus:12 mm fine focus; 100mm super-precise focus adjustment platform, with built-in dust protection cover; Focus assistant support

|| Max. sample dimensions: ∞×290×76 mm (L×W×H)

|| Sample table deimensions: 100×100 mm (L×W)

|| Sample stage rotation: Optional available; Automatic Tilting Stage (ATS): 0 – 360°

|| Travel distance of sample table in X/Y/Z direction: X100mmwith built-in dust protection cover; Y: 100mm, with built-in dust protection cover; Z: 50mm

|| Measuring range for contact angles: 0 to 180°; Resolution: 0.01°; Precision: 0.1°

|| Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions: 0.001…2000 mN/m; Resolution: ±0.001 mN/m or 0.01%; Precision: 0.1%

|| Max. sample weight: 15kg (self-locking without champing)

|| Dispensing unit: X/Y/Z-3-axial precision control

  Positioning: Ranges:85/76/60 mm (X/Y/Z)

|| Dimensions (L×W×H): 600×160×543 mm

|| System weight: ca. 19kg

|| Power supply: 100/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz