LSA60 Contact Angle Surface Analyzer 

for automatic of Contact Angle, Surface Tension and Surface Free Energy

The LSA60 is the elementary measuring device for  contact angle measurements 
and the drop shape analysis
With LSA60 you will find the perfect solution for all applications, from quality inspection or a high-end research. 

Main features:

|| Robust and precise measurement of contact angle

|| Versatile automatic dosing systems available

|| Large sample stage with precise z-axis for easy handling

|| Extremely accurate surface tension measurements using the pendant

|| drop method

|| Budget-friendly entry-level device with high-end accuracy


|| Full set of syring & needle options are available

|| Automatic Tilting Stage:0 – 360° for studying advance/receding contact angle, sliding/roll-off angle, sliding speed ect.

|| Lamella/liquid bridge module for determination of IFT and contact angles for filaments and sheet samples

|| Environmental/temperature chambers for various temperature ranges.  

Easy to operate, compact and economical: The LSA60 is the perfect start for surface analytics

For quality control and routine measurements of small to medium sized surfaces and for surfactant solutions

|| Compact size which requires only small bench space

|| Very easy handling with exchangeable manual dosing system

|| Two axis sample platform for exact positioning

|| Optionally available with surface and interface tension measurement

|| Powerful algorithms enable precise drop analysis

|| Expandable with automated dosing systems and tilting table modules

|| Accurate and fast measurements due to sophisticated algorithms

|| With Surface.Meter elements for easy operation

|| Small bench space requirement

Technical Data:

|| Lens: 6.5× zoom lens; Optical distortion:0.05%; Monochrome LED backlit; Image brightness adjustable via software

|| Image processing system:USB3 camara; Max. resolution:1280×1024 px, 60fps@1280×1024 px

|| Focus:12 mm fine focus; Focus assistant support

|| Max. sample dimensions: ∞×290×76 mm (L×W×H)

|| Sample table deimensions: 100×100 mm (L×W)

|| Sample stage rotation: Optional available; Automatic Tilting Stage (ATS): 0 – 360°

|| Travel distance of sample table in X/Y/Z direction: Y: 100mm, with built-in dust protection cover; Z: 50mm

|| Measuring range for contact angles: 0 to 180°; Resolution: 0.01°; Precision: 0.1°

|| Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions: 0.001…2000 mN/m; Resolution: ±0.001 mN/m or 0.01%; Precision: 0.1%

|| Max. sample weight: 15kg (self-locking without champing)

|| Dispensing unit: Y/Z-2-axial precision control

  Positioning: Ranges:76/60 mm (Y/Z)

|| Dimensions (L×W×H): 600×160×533 mm

|| System weight: ca. 18kg

|| Power supply: 100/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz