LAUDA Contact Angle Surface Analyzer LSA60

The LSA60 is the elementary measuring device for  contact angle measurements and the drop shape analysis. The OCA 15EC can be easily disassembled for transportation in the optional case. 

Main features

Robust and precise measurement of contact angle

Versatile automatic dosing systems available

Large sample stage with precise z-axis for easy handling

xtremely accurate surface tension measurements using the pendant

drop method

Budget-friendly entry-level device with high-end accuracy



Wettability and liquid-solid interactions

You can determine the surface free energy and its polar and disperse properties of your surfaces via contact angle measurements and use it for predictions of surface-liquid interactions

Cleaning and coating

Advancing and receeding contact angles and their hysteresis characterize the complete wetting and dewetting for cleaning and coating processes.

Self-cleaning and spraying

To optimize spraying and wetting processes you can simulate the wetting and de-wetting processes with unique accessories to test it with different forces.

Work of adhesion

For coatings, printing, painting, etc., the strength of wetting and adhesion to the surface is decisive for processing and a successful application.

Printing and absorption

With high-speed cameras you can determine how quickly printer inks are absorbed by micro-porous photo papers and optimize contour sharpness and inter-colour bleeding.




Technical data:

1. Max. sample dimensions (L x W x H):  220 x ∞ x 70 mm
2. Sample table dimensions (L x W):   100 x 100 mm
3. Traversing range of sample table in X-Y-Z direction:   110 x 90 x 42 mm

4. Measuring range for contact angles:   0...180°; ± 0.1° measuring precision of the video system
5. Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions:  1•10-2... 2·103 mN/m; resolution: min. ± 0.01 mN/m
6. Max. sample weight:  3.0 kg; 15.0 kg with clamped sample table

7. Optics and image processing system:
  • LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation

  • USB 2.0 camera, max. resolution 752 x 480 pixel, max. frame rate 311 frames/s

  • 6-fold zoom lens with integrated fine focus (± 6 mm)

  • field of view: 1.05 x 0.66...6.72 x 4.25 mm2

  • optical distortion: < 0.05 %
8. Dimensions (L x B x H): • 550 x 160 x 365 mm
9. Weight: 14 kg
10. Power supply: 100…240VAC; 50…60Hz; 70 W