Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometer BPA-2S

New developments based on modern hardware and software design expands the instrument’s usability and measurement performances.
New improved compact mechanics increases significantly the reliability and stability of the instrument. True real time measurement, open hardware architecture for integration of instrument to complex systems, ethernet connection, versatile user interface.

Main Features 

- direct and precise measurement of dead time and life time
- surface tension as function of physical time and life time
- available time interval of 5 orders of magnitude (0.001 s to 100 s)
- precise measurement of correct dynamic surface tensions
- direct determination of the hydrostatic pressure via automatic capillary immersion
- easy customized experimental protocols - set modes of measurement for different requrement
- correction of hydrodynamic and viscosity effects of a measurement liquid
- continuously temperature monitoring of the sample
- hardware external bus for instrument integration into lab measurement systems - new modern design with accurate high resolution color capacitive touch display - external large format LCD connected direct to instrument - user interface  via touch or keyboard/mouse
- optional software control via Ethernet for system integration
- instrument can be directly integrated into local network environment with internet access and automatic software update

Technical data

Range of surface and interfacial tension 10 to 150 mN/m
Resolution ± 0.005 mN/m
Accuracy of surface tension measurement better than 0.5 %
Dynamic time range: Standard capillary 10 ms to 20000 ms
Special capillary 0.1 ms to 100000 m s
Accuracy of density measurement 2 %
Display Graphic color TFT touch display 7’’
resolution 800 x 480 pixel
Minimum volume test liquid 1 ml
Measurement temperature range  0 – 150°C
Experimental time: Standard mode: 20-30 min
Fast mode: 4-6 min
Operation system Windows Embedded standard WES7
Firmware free update over 1 year after purchase, update via Internet
Measurement Mode - Standard
- Constant time
- Fast Scan
- Increasing flow
- Density estimation
- Viscosity estimation
- Custom mode
Opereation mode Stand-alone (touch display, mouse, keyboard) or via VNC-client
Data storing:
built-in SSD 64 GB
USB Memory stick
network storage
Interface 1 x Ethernet
3 x USB 2.0 / 1 x USB 3.0
WiFi (option)
DisplayPort (DVI/HDMI) res. up to 1920x1200
Process control option              Hardware 10 bit data bus
Enviroment temperature                         10 - 50 °C
Dimensions Measurement unit / Tripod 300x400x350 mm
Weight Measurement unit 5 kg
Power requerment:       Measurement unit 24 VDC
Power supply, external                          100 … 240 AC;  to 24 VDC
Max. power consumption                    15 W
Extra accessories                        capillaries of different diameters